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Robert L. Hester

First Mortgage Group LLC

Woodstock, GA



First Mortgage Group LLC






Robert L. Hester
2230 Towne Lake Parkway Building 100
Woodstock, GA 30189

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Brad Daily says:
Bob, You were working with Dagmar Metcalfe on the purchase of my house at 2275 1st ave NE, Atlanta. There were some issues with Dagmar getting reasonably priced flood insurance and I had signed my policy to Dagmar but I was not paid for it. According to my calculations I should be owed $361.35. At the closing, I understood that someone had arranged another flood insurance policy at a lower rate than what I had paid. It made me think that Dagmar would not need my policy as there was a second policy. Dagmar is not aware of any of this. I can not cancel my policy and get a refund because my policy is now in Dagmar's name. I paid $388 for an annual policy beginning February 15th 2009 and expires Febuary 14th, 2010. I have asked Sally Alcock, my agent, to look into this. She has said that you were looking into this but it has been two months and I have not yet heard anything. If Dagmar has two policies, she can send a letter to Travelers asking that the policy be put back into my name. I can then request a refund. If you need to call me my number is 613-353-7529. Brad Daily

john patton says:
Hello Robert, I am actually from Woodstock and wanted to just ask you a quick question so as not to waste your time.... Just wanted to know if you handle lot loans in NW Georgia? Our development is a high end second home neighborhood with underground utilities with city water and sewer. if so, please call me at your convenience so we can talk further and maybe grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks right there on TLP. My sincerest thanks, John Patton P.S. Specifically, I'm interested in 90% LTV with interest only terms. Thanks!