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Scott R. Gripman

1st Alliance Banc Corp

Chicago, IL



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Scott R. Gripman
2043 W. Belmont Ave 1st Floor
Chicago, IL 60618

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Scott R. Gripman


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Horacio Hostelinn says:
We are interested in buying your property please specify financial conditions for sale by the owner plus constructure sqf fotage and city zoning for a small hotel. Also the state of the building and if renovation would be needed: in such case how much $$ is requiered for rehab. Please answer to hes_hostelinn@yahoo.com Horacio PS: is the area safe for tourists? how far is from downtown area??

Kathy Sarli says:
I just wanted to say Scott & 1st Alliance Banc Corp. were the only Mortgage Banker that would help me purchase my first home. They helped clean my credit for free, find a good aggressive realtor, hold my hand and explain the entire process, and it only cost me $500.00 down payment. Thank you so much for all you help I would recommend Scott & 1st Alliance Banc to everyone!!!

Alex Dugan says:
Scott R. Gripman and 1st Alliance Banc Corp. is by far the best Mortgage Banker in Chicagoland!!! The service from his team is #1. I went to Bank of America, Jp Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, & Citibank, for a quote on their mortgage interest rates and 1st ABC blew them away in rate & cost. Simply I would refer Scott & his company to anyone!!!! They closed my loan in 3 days!!! Everone else 30-45 days, who has that time to waste. Thanks again for all your hard work.