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Eric Stewart

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Eric Stewart
4319 Old Milford Mill Rd.
Pikeville, MD 21208

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Donna Hooper says:
Mr.Stewart, I would like to talk to you or someone from your company about the posibility of re-financing. About 4 years ago, due to loss of job, I went through a Chapter 13. Our lawyer hooked us up with a company the put us in an ARM. About 1 1/2 years in the company called and said that they could get us a good 30 year rate. We went for it and at settlement we were told that at the end of teh 30 years we woulds have a huge bubble payment to make. I was scared to keep the ARM so we went for it. We have never been late with any payment in the last 4 years ( mortgage or anything). We have a great combined income of about $112,000 a year and we have a house that was valued at $219,000, before significant inprovements about the time of re-finance. We currently owe about $151,000 on the mortgage balance. Is there any help for us??? Donna Hooper 704 Tessier Street Baltimore, MD. 21201 410-523-7969