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Daniel Rebibo
11821 Parklawn Dr. #110
Rockville, MD 20854

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Jane Weissman says:
Never in my 23 years of being a professional in the real estate industry have I ever or would expect to be called a (expletive) "f---ing witch" by a mortgage broker. I'm sad to say Mr. Rebibo has changed all that. Loans can and do fall apart at the eleventh hour. However, it is a measure of someones professionalism in how they handle themselves when things go awry. In less than 48 hours from the scheduled time that settlement was to occur, I received a call from the title company, not Mr. Rebibo himself, that a final loan condition was placed on the loan and needed to be reviewed, therefore, unable to close on time. I received written confirmation several weeks prior from Mr. Rebibo that my buyers "1st and 2nd loans were 100% fully approved." Fortunately, due to the hard work and dedication of another lender, my buyer's loan was approved and ended up settling when originally scheduled. The above remark which was totally unacceptable behavior and uncalled for, was due to my emailing then following up with a phonecall to Mr. Rebibo, requesting that the loan documents Mr. Rebibo had in his possession be faxed to me as soon as possible so I could give to a potential new lender.