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Max Nasab
1715 Market Street Suite 102
Kirkland, WA 98033

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Mary Johnson says:
Hi there - you refinanced my home at 713 E. Tara Lee, Medical Lake WA in July 2003. With all the refinancing going on right now, I was wondering if I should refinance again? I currently owe $103,878 with a 5.375% interest rate on my first mortgage and $9,090.38 with a 7% interest on my 2nd mortgage. My current mortgage payments are $829.49 and $66.54 respectively. The county assessor valued my house at $191,300 this year, although in these times, I think $175,000 would be more realistic!! Because I am now retired, I obviously do not want my payments to increase and I cannot afford refinancing costs unless they were included in the loan. So, being as I was impressed with what you did for me back in 2003, rather than seek out other lenders,I decided I would rather ask you for your advice please. Thanks for your time. Mary